Summary 19 Nov 2019

The Committee held its monthly meeting on 19 November 2019. This note summarises the
main issues discussed.

Car Park

Members will have noticed that repair work to the car park has already commenced. We are
most grateful to Darren Bird and Alsfords for help and supply of materials / equipment.

Social events

The Club does not currently have a social secretary. Whilst this situation has existed for some
time, it would be very helpful to have a small team to plan and organise social events – and
this would not necessarily mean attending committee meetings. If anyone would be interested
in becoming involved in such a team, we would love to hear from you.

Enhancements to website

We are currently reviewing the structure of the Club website, which has not been updated for
a long time. We hope to make this more informative and user-friendly.

Membership checks

Some members have expressed concerns that non-members (including those whose
memberships have lapsed) have been using the facilities. This may in part be down to
perceptions as to who is actually a member, but it is an issue that we can’t afford to ignore.
Signs will be appearing in the Club shortly, and bar staff will be tasked with asking to see
membership cards. Please do not be offended if you are asked to produce your membership
card. The checks are designed to protect the interests of members – why should those who
don’t pay receive the same benefits as members? They are also intended to ensure that we
remain compliant with our licence.

Cess pit

We have now had an inspection of our waste disposal facilities. We are awaiting a report
identifying available options and likely costs.

Martello Development Proposal

Things are continuing to move on quickly where this is concerned. A meeting was held with
Martello on 19 November. At this meeting, we gave consent for an application for outline
planning permission to be made. This is being paid for by the Developer, but is in the name
of the Club. As we have previously stressed, this does not commit us to anything, but it does
protect our position and keep our options open.

The option of moving to the Smuggler site has been resurrected, although an imminent
decision on whether the building is to be listed as an asset of community value may render
this unviable.

There is a further joint meeting of the Trustees and Committees to further explore options, on
26th November.


Please address any questions or comments to