Summary 26 Nov 2019

On 26th November, the Committee and Trustees held its sixth combined meeting to discuss
proposals for the development of the Club. This is a summary of the main issues.

Martello Development Proposal

Further to our last bulletin. Martello have formally responded to the Club (as appended)
offering to apply for outline planning permission for a two-storey building. The meeting
voted to accept this proposal. As you will see, we have the necessary assurances that this will
be in the Club’s name, and any approval will be owned by ourselves – not Martello. The
developer is meeting the associated costs.

As we have previously stated, this action commits us to nothing. What it does – if the
application is successful – is to protect our interests and right to develop in the light of
imminent changes to planning regulations. Importantly, it also buys us time whilst we
continue to explore all available options.

Some members who saw the earlier outline plans drawn up by RX Architects (and which
were displayed in the Club) have asked about the 3-D drawings which were also prepared at
the time. This are being posted on-line, and hard copies are now held behind the bar – please
ask bar staff if you want to view. We would stress that these are stylised and essentially
promotional drawings, which do not necessarily reflect how a new building would look.
There are some obvious issues – such as the lack of winch and angling club storage. Please do not ask bar staff about these drawings; if you do have any queries, please address them
through the Club e-mail account: info@thenewbeachclub.

Smuggler site

We previously advised that the owners of the Smuggler site have contacted us about a
possible relocation of the Club to its original site. With their permission, we have discussed
the options with Martello. There would be numerous advantages in taking up such an option,
and one of the main stumbling blocks has been addressed (Martello would allow the Angling

Club winch to remain in place and build a new storage facility on the current site). The offer
on the table involved the property plus a financial sum for renovation and development. This
sum, however, was nowhere near sufficient to allow the work that would need to be done to
adapt the building for our needs, and we do not have the funds to meet the shortfall.
Accordingly, the Committee and Trustees are not in a position to formally offer this proposal
to the membership. We have advised Martello that we would need to be offered a fully
refurbished / new turnkey building to enable us to consider the proposal further. Should
Martello make a revised offer , we will let you know.

Other options

Over the past fortnight, we have been pursuing actions relating to the above, so have made
little progress in reviewing other options. However, as stated above, the submission of an
application for outline planning permission should give us the time to now pursue
alternatives. We are still awaiting a condition survey on our current building but, unless this
identifies any significant issues, we are not under any immediate pressure to accept any third
party proposal.


One member has asked if it is possible to attend committee (and joint committee / trustee)
meetings. In the spirit of openness, we are quite happy for members to attend meetings to see
how the Club is being run. We do, however, have to limit numbers. Accordingly, if you wish
to attend future meetings, please let us now via the club e-mail facility, and you will be
invited on a first come, first served basis. This will normally be an observation-only basis,
and you may be asked to leave the room if personally sensitive issues (such as the conduct of
members / revocation of membership) are being discussed. Alternatively, if you have a
specific question to ask, please submit details in advance, and you can then address it to the
Committee under Any Other Business.

We will continue to keep members informed of further developments. For those of you
reading this on the Club noticeboard, copies (and of previous bulletins) are also posted on the


The Committee and Trustees