Summary 14 Dec 2020

Temporary Closure

We re-opened the Club at the weekend (11 – 13 December 2020), and were ready to provide a range of meals on Friday and Saturday and a roast on Sunday. As reflected in the previous bulletin, we were required to implement a number of restrictions owing to our ‘Tier 2’ Covid-19 status.

Over the weekend, only 17 members attended the Club and we needed to use 6 committee members, 3 bar staff and 7 volunteers in the kitchen to enable the members to attend.

Clearly, members are unwilling to attend the Club given the current constraints. If we continue to operate on this basis, the Club will lose money. Regrettably, we have concluded that it is not viable for us to continue to open whilst Tier 2 status is in place. At the time of writing we are awaiting revised government advice, but it seems most unlikely that we will be moved into Tier 1 before the New Year.

We will update you as the situation changes, but anticipate being closed for the foreseeable future. If however, we are unexpectedly returned to Tier 1, we will be in a position to re-open very quickly.

Stay safe, have a merry (if restricted) Christmas, and we hope to see you early in the New Year.

Best Wishes
The Committee