Summary 15 July 2020

It is now two weeks since we were able to re-open under new COVID-19 secure arrangements and curtailed hours. Custom is picking up, but we have not yet reached a situation where we have had to turn people away due to lack of space (under social distancing restrictions).

We are continuing to open on Friday evenings between 5-8pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays between midday – 8pm. We do not anticipate being able to expand these hours significantly in the near future, but do intend additionally opening on Friday 24 July at lunchtime (midday – 3pm), provide that we can find volunteer staff. If this goes well, we will
continue to offer this “slot”.

We are aware that the lack of food is an issue. Natalie has understandably felt unable to carry on given the reduced opening hours and, whilst we are trying to find a replacement, this same issue is likely to cause difficulty. In the interim we are looking to provide some ad hoc “food events” – eg a barbecue / fish and chips – on selected days. We will let you have details in advance.

Thank you for your continuing support at this difficult time, and for renewing your memberships.

Best Wishes
The Committee