Summary 18 Feb 2020

The Committee held its monthly meeting on 18 February 2020. This note summarises the main issues discussed.

Martello Development proposals

We reported last time that Martello were putting in a planning application on our behalf to extend our current building upwards – to secure the option to develop in light of impending changes to local planning laws; and that any permission granted would be owned by the Club.

Although nothing has appeared on the Rother DC website, the architect assures us that the outline planning permission application was submitted on 20 December. Delays have resulted from staff shortages at Rother, and their request for a sequential drainage test to be undertaken. Martello have agreed to undertake this test, at their expense.

We advised at the EGM that this was just one of the options for moving forward; and that another was to explore options for developing the clubhouse ourselves. With this in mind, an independent survey of the building (to identify any major liability) has been scheduled for w/c 24 February. We are also establishing a working group to explore options, including possible funding streams.


As previously reported, we have had to slightly reduce the range of drinks available during the winter months, to avoid wastage and limit losses. There is now one guest ale on at any one time, in addition to Harveys’ Sussex bitter; and we will no longer be stocking San Miguel lager.
We need also to reduce the amount that we spend on wages, and would ask that members assist where they can by returning glasses to the bar.

Membership renewals

Memberships fall due for renewal on 1st April. Prices have not increased for nearly two years, and it is probably inevitable that they will have to be raised (the matter is on the agenda for the March Committee meeting). However, the Committee has decided that anybody renewing their membership from 1st March up until the day of the AGM can do so at 2019/20 prices.

Social events

There is now a further change to arrangements for booking social events. Please now contact Helen behind the bar in the first instance.


There is now a chalk board table in the bar, with chalks, coloured pencils, paper and colouring materials. Designed to keep children amused, there is evidence that it is also used being by adults! There is no restriction, so please come along and enjoy!

The next Committee meeting is scheduled for 17 March; and the provisional date for the AGM remains 26 April, but this will be confirmed nearer the time.

Please address any questions or comments to