Summary 19 Aug 2020


Last weekend’s barbecues were a great success, and the feedback has been very positive. Thanks are due to James and Becca who slaved away over the whole weekend and made it so enjoyable. We are looking to offer some similar events in the future, but can’t commit to every weekend. We do intend to run another barbecue this Sunday (23 rd August) between 1:30 – 6pm, and aim to do something for the August Bank Holiday weekend. These events are subject to late change – not least due to the weather – so please check details on the website if you are planning to eat.

Friday opening hours

The Friday lunchtime opening has not proved successful but, when we tried longer hours last week, there was some significant custom between 3-5pm. Accordingly, this Friday (21 st ) we will be opening between 3-8pm, and looking to do so for the remainder of the summer.


We have received a number of requests re: restoring the pool table, and have agreed to trial this. For reasons of social distancing, this has been moved to the back bar, so please be aware that there is not the same amount of space as previously (so some shots may be more challenging!). If you are using the pool table, please be aware of the fact that members will be accessing the exit and allow them the space to do so. It is a legal requirement to keep all pool equipment segregated, so this has been placed in the far corner. Users are also required to clean the equipment after use (cleaning materials have been made available).

Other Coronavirus precautions

Not all the precautions put in place at the time of re-opening are still required, although the need to maintain social distancing remains – and we thank you for your continued co-operation in this. We have now restored access to / from the beach, by means of a gate at the top of the steps.

Something that has caused confusion is the cleaning material on the tables. These bottles are for cleaning of furniture only and not for hand washing – so have now been removed. Hand gel is available in the wall mounted dispensers (one in the entrance foyer, on the left as you enter) and one at the exit. Soap is, of course, available in the toilets.

Best Wishes
The Committee