Summary 25 Sep 2020

Members will be aware that the new coronavirus regulations introduced earlier this week will have a significant impact on the way that the Club operates in the near future.

From today, everyone entering the Club will be required to wear a face covering. When you enter you will be directed to a table; only when you are seated may your face covering be removed. When you leave the table, face coverings must be re-instated.

You will no longer be able to order drinks at the bar. Your order will be taken at the table, and payment made there. Please use card payment wherever possible (in the short term we will continue to accept cash, but this may have to change in the near future).

We have also had to remove both beach access and the pool table. Please respect the new signage and bear with us – as there are bound to be some teething problems. It is a learning experience for all of us! For the time being, we will try to continue to operate the same opening hours, but these new regulations are severely affecting our ability to do so. Up until now we have been able to have just one person covering the door (for track and trace purposes) – and the Committee has been able to work this at most times, with support from volunteers.

We will now have to have an extra person on duty at all times. To continue to maintain the same hours in the future, we will need volunteers from the membership to support the Committee. If you are able to help, please leave your name with a Committee member when you are next in the Club, or else send an e-mail to

Unfortunately, these changed requirements mean that we have had to cancel this Sunday’s planned food event. Apologies for this and the lack of e-mail update this week. Our service provider has been unable to cope with the volumes that we have been sending, and we are in the process of establishing new arrangements.