Summary 3 Dec 2019

We recently advised you that the Committee and Trustees met on 26th November to consider a proposal from Martello Developments for the Club to take over the Smuggler site. That proposal was deemed insufficient to address the refurbishment and alterations required, so we were unable to put this to the membership.

Martello quickly responded, advising that there may be scope to offer a turnkey solution ( arrangement where all our needs would be met), but dependant on how much refurbishment works would cost. Accordingly, a further joint meeting of the Committee and Trustees was called at short notice, for 3 December. Whilst all Committee members attended, none of the Trustees was able to attend.

At this meeting, it was decided to formulate a list of requirements and issues that need to be addressed before we would be in a position to take anything forward. This will be tabled with Martello very shortly. We are aware of some widespread concerns over the structure and fabric of the building, but any proposal would be subject to an independent building inspection prior to being put to the members. If you have any particular concerns, or issues to be raised, please submit them via e-mail, to the above address.

As we have previously advised you, any decision on the future of the Club will ultimately be made by you, the members. The submission for outline planning permission of the current site potentially buys us time and strengthens our negotiating position. But we are under no pressure to leave our current site: the Committee role is to identify options and let the members decide.

Two other pieces of Committee business were discussed, as follows:

Opening Hours

New and revised winter opening hours have been agreed. The Club will now be open 12
midday – 9pm on a daily basis, but remaining open for longer on a Monday (quiz) and
Wednesday (free pool) nights. At the discretion of bar staff, it may cloise later on other
nights, if there are still members within the Club. Happy “Hour” will continue between 5pm – 7pm, Monday to Friday.

Club Rules

It has been widely recognised (and concerns raised by members) that our Club rules are outdated and unfit for purpose. What we need is a proper constitution, which includes governance arrangements (i.e. how the club is to be managed), and in particular identifies the role and authority of the Committee and Trustees. This is currently being worked on, and it is hoped to present a draft document in advance of the AGM (our rules require any such changes to be ratified by two-thirds of AGM attendees).