Summary 30 June 2020


It is now just a few days before we re-open.

The club does look quite different: the number of tables has been significantly reduced and you will note new signage (which we hope will be only temporary!) and floor markings. We would ask you to please follow directions that you may be given and not to move any tables. On arrival, you will be issued with a set of instructions which will help you – and us – comply with government legislation and stay safe. A version of this is attached, but please note that government advice is constantly being “tweaked” and some minor changes to these instructions may have to be made.

This is obviously as new to us (the committee) as it is to you, and we ask you to be understanding if we get things wrong. We have already advised that we are unable to operate a booking service so, if you have to wait to get in, we can only apologise. We can only have one person behind the bar so, if service is slow, please be patient. Further, because we have no firm idea how many people will want to visit and can’t control the weather, we have had to take a “best estimate” as to how much stock we require. So please don’t take it out on the staff if you can’t always get the drink that you want.

Hopefully, this weekend will be the first step on the road back to “normality”. So, thanks for bearing with us.

The opening times that have so far been agreed are as follows:

  • Sat 4 July  midday – 8pm
  • Sun 5 July midday – 8pm
  • Fri 10 July  5-8pm
  • Sat 11 July  midday – 8pm
  • Sun 12 July midday – 8pm

We hope to be able to offer a more comprehensive service before long, but will obviously be guided by how things go over the weekend, government constraints and lessons learnt.

Finally, to reiterate: we can only offer a service to paid-up members in the current climate, so please make sure that you have paid your subscription.

Best Wishes

The Committee