Summary 4 Oct 2020

Owing to ongoing problems with our e-mail service provider, some members did not receive last week’s bulletin. Apologies for this; we have now (hopefully!) resolved the issues.

We are now in the third week of the new coronavirus restrictions imposed by government. Those of you who received last week’s bulletin will be aware that the first weeks were an “unknown quantity”, as we were unaware of how the changes would affect trade. Whilst the 10pm closing did not impact on us, the need to provide table service and the requirement for members to wear face coverings when not seated did. We also had to cancel the proposed arrangements for food at short notice; and the dramatic change in weather has done us no favours either.

In the event, and probably understandably, attendance over the last two weekends has been disappointing. We intend, however, to do what we can to encourage members, and thus will continue with the current opening hours for as long as we are able. Accordingly, this coming Sunday (11 October) we intend opening the kitchen for roast dinners between 12:30 – 3pm; service will be on a first come, first served basis. In the event of this event being popular, it will continue into the future. Arrangements may change due to coronavirus constraints, so please monitor the website for any update.

The requirement to provide table service arguably does not improve safety in our case, but we do not have any choice in the matter, and have reconfigured arrangements accordingly. When you come into the Club, you will be allocated a table. Your order may be taken either by bar or door staff, and at peak times there may be a slight delay – so please be patient. Whilst we will still take cash payment, it would also be helpful if you could – where possible – pay by card.

The new arrangements do mean that we are having to provide increased staffing levels. Nearly all those working at the Club at the moment are volunteers. Most are members of the Committee, and have been undertaking regular shifts since we re-opened in July. We are desperately in need of further volunteers from the membership to check people in, allocate tables and – on occasion – to take drink orders. If you are able to offer your services (for either a 2- or 4-hour shift), please let a member of the committee know when you are in the club, or drop us an e-mail. As a (very small!) inducement, we are offering a free drink per shift for those who do come forward.

There have been some queries regarding admittance of guests. When we re-opened, we did advise that we would not be allowing guests, as this would limit the number of members who could be admitted. This was relaxed as the Club rarely became full, and admission of guests is now dependent on how busy we are – and at the discretion of the Committee member on the door. So please be aware that guests may not be allowed to be signed in at all times (and the rule that a guest may only be signed in up to three times in a membership year still applies).

Best Wishes
The Committee